Heat Transfer Design Tools Software

Design Tools              
There exists many different tools used to design, size and rate heat exchangers.  Below are some of the tools and information we use on a routine basis:  

Heat Transfer Tools:

Preliminary Heat Exchanger Sizing (Shell&Tube)

Determines the preliminary size for a shell and tube heat exchanger based on the process information provided.  The required heat transfer area, the number of tubes and the shell size are calculated.  This tool also calculates the utility requirements for achieving the desired heat transfer.

LMTD Calculator

Calculates the Log Mean Temperature Difference (LMTD) for given inlet and outlet temperatures.  The LMTD represents the temperature driving force for the given application.

Mean Metal Temperatures Calculator

Calculates the tubesheet mean metal temperature.  It also calculates the mean metal temperatures for the shell and the tubes.  This information is needed to determine if an expansion joint is required.

Heat Loss from Vertical Vessel

Calculates the ambient heat losses from a vertical vessel.  The calculations take into consideration the dimensions of the tank, the ambient conditions and the physical properties of the liquid and the vapour.


Heat Transfer Information:

Provides typical fouling factor values for different process fluids and various cooling waters.                     

Tube Material Specifications

Provides the nominal composition of various commonly used tube materials with their corresponding ASME and UNS code numbers.  This information is helpful when looking at the as built drawings of existing heat exchangers.

Tubes Characteristics

Provides tubes characteristics such as B.W.G. gage, wall thicknesses, external area and O.D./I.D. ratio for various tube sizes.

Pipe Dimensions

Provides wall thicknesses for welded and seamless pipes of various sizes.

These tools and information are provided for educational use only.  Use at your own risks.