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Once Through Cooling Water System Elimination

Are you facing pressures to eliminate your once through cooling water system?  We can help.  We have experience transforming plants from using once through cooling water (river or lake water) to closed loop systems and we can leverage our knowledge to help you achieve this goal and reduce environmental impact and maintenance issues. 
We can perform a comprehensive review of your existing heat transfer equipment and provide a plan to transition from once through cooling water to a closed loop system based on the best technology for your process and location.




Recognition and Awards for Dow Sarnia Site River Separation Efforts

Kam Hau was a core member of the Sarnia Site River Separation Project Team responsible for planning and executing all the Projects to segregate the Sarnia Site Process Operation from the St. Clair River from 1989 to 1999. He was also the Lead Process Engineer responsible to evaluate the existing cooling water system, proposed and designed the new cooling water system for each production plant on the Sarnia Site.

In August 1999, Kam Hau received Dow's Global Responsible Care Award in recognition of his efforts to improve environment, health and safety for the Sarnia Site and Sarnia area.

Province of Ontario Award
Recognition from Province of Ontario
Recognition - Binational Public Advisory Council
Binational Public Advisory Council Award


In June 1993, the Sarnia Site River Separation Team received an Environment Achievement Recognition Award from the Binational (U.S. and Canada) Public Advisory Council for its effort to improve the local environment within the St. Clari River Ecosystem.