Heat Transfer Experts


At H&C Heat Transfer Solutions, we have over 25 years of experience applying process heat transfer expertise to projects of all sizes.  


We provide heat transfer expertise to projects, including at the early Front End Engineering and Design stage, and troubleshooting and process optimization to production plants.  


We have served clients in many process technologies from chlorine service, basic chemicals, polyolefins and specialty chemicals to refining.  


Our recommendations are independent and impartial, our focus being on selecting the best heat transfer equipment for your specific needs.               


Examples of successfully installed applications:

  • deep vacuum condensers (5 mmHg absolute pressure)
  • thermosiphon reboilers (including vacuum service)
  • falling film reboilers (including vacuum service)
  • heaters and coolers (including polymer service)
  • integrated condensing trains
  • cooling tower systems
  • closed loop cooling water systems
  • hot oil heating systems
  • refrigeration systems



We have experience and are familiar with many different types of heat transfer equipment such as:  

Shell & Tubes:

  • standard designs in various applications
  • ROD baffles
  • Helical Baffles
  • Twisted tubes
  • Finned tubes
  • Tube inserts

Compact Exchangers

  • Plate & Frame exchangers
  • All welded plate exchangers
  • Brazed plate exchangers
  • Plate fin (cold box)
  • Spiral
  • Plate coil

Air coolers

Fired heaters - convection section