Thermal Design of Heat Exchangers, Thermal Engineering

Design of new and retrofit heat transfer equipment

Thermal Design of New and Retrofit Heat Transfer Equipment

H&C Heat Transfer Solutions provides thermal design and evaluation services.  We design heat exchangers for new and retrofit process applications.  We can also evaluate the thermal performance of existing heat exchangers for process optimization, process or equipment modifications or change of service.

Some examples of how we can help you:

  • Evaluate the performance and constraints of your existing heat exchanger(s)
  • Determine the best type of exchanger for your specific application
  • Perform parameter study to determine the thermal limiting case 
  • Evaluate the impact of utility and footprint constraints on the heat exchanger design
  • Perform thermal design of heat exchangers
  • Evaluate heat exchanger design for startup, shutdown, upset running cases and maintenance
  • Develop specification sheets for heat exchangers
  • Work with fabricators and review approval drawings 

We can work through all project phases for a successful implementation of your new or modified heat exchanger.